Music by Peter Hodgson
Book & Lyrics by Kathleen Wrinn

The Bridge is a musical retelling of the story behind the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, centered on the role played by Emily Roebling, wife of the Chief Engineer, Washington Roebling.

Construction of the bridge begins in 1869, in an America still healing from the devastation of the Civil War, and which is divided along racial, economic, and gender lines. Throughout Washington’s tenure as Chief Engineer, Emily is his primary source of support for him in difficult moments, as the East River Bridge faces immediate and increasing difficulties, starting with the death of Washington’s father, John (the designer of the bridge). Emily and Washington shepherd the Bridge through what seems like an endless series of insurmountable difficulties: discord among the Boardmembers about the direction of the Bridge project; a striking workforce; and the decision to place the New York foundation far shallower than the original designs called for, on a bed of sand, when the workers begin dying of a mysterious illness called “the bends.”

Eventually, Washington himself is stricken with the bends and unable to continue as Chief Engineer. It is up to Emily to step in, on the assumption that she will only carry out orders from her husband. But as Emily grows into the role and navigates a corrupt Board and a tense workforce that questions her authority, she discovers her newfound power and questions whether she can go back to being only Washington’s wife.

The Bridge - Audio Trailer
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Onward - Caitlin Gallogly

Up, Up, Up - C.J. David

Over There - Peter Hodgson, Kathleen Wrinn

The East River Bridge - Mike Axtell, Caitlin Gallogly

This is Why You Don't Marry a Canadian - Caitlin Gallogly

Tweed - Peter Hodgson

Onward - Caitlin Gallogly, Peter Hodgson

To everyone who helped put these demos together - THANK YOU!


(Virtue and Vice Studios, September 2019)

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