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Music by Peter Hodgson
Book & Lyrics by Kathleen Wrinn

THE BRIDGE is an epic new musical based on the true story of the woman who was secretly Chief Engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge. 

It is 1869, and Emily Roebling has just moved to Brooklyn with her husband, Washington, and their infant son.  While Washington is busy assisting his father to build the first-ever bridge over the East River, Emily plans to blaze a trail of her own in the women’s suffrage movement.  But when Washington’s father dies unexpectedly, Emily must put her dreams on hold to support her husband as he steps into his father’s historic shoes as Chief. 

As Emily helps Washington navigate political and personal challenges on and off the site, she develops an unlikely friendship with the Roeblings’ new nanny, an Irish immigrant named Mary-Ann Supple.  Their deepening bond serves as a source of support for both women, and never more so than when Washington is struck by the mysterious “Caisson’s Disease.”  With Washington unable to continue, Emily must do the impossible: take her husband’s place as Chief, in an era half a century before women were allowed to vote.

THE BRIDGE is an examination of class, culture, and gender—of the forces that unite and divide us.   It celebrates the unprecedented engineering accomplishment that took many years and lives to complete, but also wrestles with the question:

What is the true cost of progress, and who pays it?

The Bridge - Audio Trailer
00:00 / 03:26

Onward - Caitlin Gallogly

Up, Up, Up - C.J. David

Over There - Peter Hodgson, Kathleen Wrinn

The East River Bridge - Mike Axtell, Caitlin Gallogly

This is Why You Don't Marry a Canadian - Caitlin Gallogly

Tweed - Peter Hodgson

Onward - Caitlin Gallogly, Peter Hodgson

To everyone who helped put these demos together - THANK YOU!

(Virtue and Vice Studios, September 2019)

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